how it works

for partners

For our partners Seychelles pass will be a unique opportunity to reach out the tourist and the local people with an amazing offers which they can give it to the customer .Every partner would have a merchant login where they can give their offers which can be approved by our teams and they can be on boarded on a click of a button and they will be able to reach out to thousands of customers with this platform .This will not only give our partners  freedom to attract more tourists with their exciting ideas of amazing food offers , water sports and cruises across the island and will reach out to every small shop ready to cater to guest.

for customers

Seychelles pass is full of exciting offers for restaurant ,health and fitness ,leisure activity water sports ,golfing ,cruising and much more.To make it even more better our offers are always valid seven days a week and all year long .

The customer is just required to download the app from the play store or Apple store and just start signing up for availing amazing offers across the island. Seychelles pass app is fully loaded of great features that will make your experience more exciting. It’s simple to use and you always have your offers with exclusive weekly offers and new partners are added every month to ensure give you an unique experiences. 

You can experience the food and beverages from premium restaurants to the local shacks which gives you an authentic experience of island altogether. 

The app includes offers for more than 300 suppliers and giving you chance to experience the seychelles bests activities. 

For more details make sure to check out our FAQ’s and to learn more about the app and get familiar with it. This offers can save up to thousands of euros for tourists and local people across the island .

Let the excitement begin !